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Sunday, May 22nd @ 5:16 PM
🔹Paul Sunday Special🔹 -Beef burger with @carteltacobar smoked 5 pepper mac n cheese, bacon & ranch served with hand cut French fries #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, May 22nd @ 5:16 PMSunday, May 22nd @ 5:16 PM
Sunday, May 8th @ 4:05 PM
🔹Paul Sunday Special🔹 -fried chicken sandwich topped with Paul’s smoked salsa verde & cheddar cheese. Served with hand cut French fries #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, May 8th @ 4:05 PMSunday, May 8th @ 4:05 PM
Sunday, April 24th @ 4:03 PM
🔹Paul Sunday Special🔹 -blackened burger patty, smoked sausage, smoked green chili, bbq sauce & blue jack cheese served with garlic dill red potatoes #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, April 24th @ 4:03 PMSunday, April 24th @ 4:03 PM
Sunday, April 17th @ 4:17 PM
🔹Paul Sunday Special🔹 -Easter Hammy Sammy Spiral ham, smoked Gouda, bacon & honey mustard on a hoagie served with hand cut French fries #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, April 17th @ 4:17 PMSunday, April 17th @ 4:17 PM
Thursday, April 14th @ 12:31 AM
THIS SATURDAY 😋😋😋😋 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Thursday, April 14th @ 12:31 AMThursday, April 14th @ 12:31 AM
Thursday, April 7th @ 12:57 PM
⚾️⚾️Opening Day⚾️⚾️ Shuttles start at 12! We will have food & drink specials! Ranger Rally shots are back! $3! Come get greasy & go rangers 💙❤️
Thursday, April 7th @ 12:57 PMThursday, April 7th @ 12:57 PM
Sunday, April 3rd @ 4:20 PM
🔹Paul Sunday Special🔹 -Smackdown BBQ Burger Smoked tomato aioli patty with bbq, bacon, roasted jalapeño, cheddar, and slaw served with hand cut French fries $10 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, April 3rd @ 4:20 PMSunday, April 3rd @ 4:20 PM
Wednesday, March 30th @ 2:44 PM
Wrestlemania THIS weekend! We will start shuttles at 4 pm Saturday & Sunday! Come catch a ride $8 Adults $5 Kids
Wednesday, March 30th @ 2:44 PMWednesday, March 30th @ 2:44 PM
Monday, March 28th @ 9:52 PM
Having a party? Let us feed you! We now have a food truck for any event! Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries— whatever you’re celebrating! Can be either restaurant you want or a mix 🤪 Book with us today! Grease Monkey: 817-665-5454 Cartel Taco: 817-200-6364
Monday, March 28th @ 9:52 PMMonday, March 28th @ 9:52 PM
Sunday, March 20th @ 4:16 PM
🔹Paul Sunday Special🔹 -Sloppy Joe Nachos Sloppy joe flavored ground beef, queso, roasted red pepper & green Chile pico, green onions served with guacamole & salsa $12 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, March 20th @ 4:16 PMSunday, March 20th @ 4:16 PM
Thursday, March 17th @ 5:00 PM
🍀🍀St Pattys Day🍀🍀 $3 Green Domestic Drafts $5 Jameson $6 Irish Car Bombs $9 Reubens & Fried Fish Sandwiches #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington #StPattysDay
Thursday, March 17th @ 5:00 PMThursday, March 17th @ 5:00 PM
Sunday, March 13th @ 5:19 PM
🔹Paul Sunday Special🔹 -French Onion Soup Burger French onion seasoned burger patty stuffed with mozzarella, caramelized onions, Parmesan crisps, Swiss cheese & scallions served with hand cut French fries $10 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, March 13th @ 5:19 PMSunday, March 13th @ 5:19 PM
Friday, March 4th @ 2:48 PM
The American Rodeo is in town THIS Sunday! 03.06.2022. We will be running our shuttles starting at 10:30am— bar will also open early. $8 Adults $5 Kids
Friday, March 4th @ 2:48 PMFriday, March 4th @ 2:48 PM
Thursday, February 24th @ 2:54 PM
Closed today! Y’all stay safe Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow ! #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Thursday, February 24th @ 2:54 PMThursday, February 24th @ 2:54 PM
Wednesday, February 23rd @ 7:19 PM
We will be closing at 6pm tonight due to the icy roads & cold weather! Hopefully we can reopen tomorrow— we will keep everyone updated! Y’all get home safe & we will see y’all soon!! #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Wednesday, February 23rd @ 7:19 PMWednesday, February 23rd @ 7:19 PM
Sunday, February 20th @ 3:30 PM
🔹Paul Sunday Special🔹 -Daytona Hot Wings 🍗🍗 -Beer Cheese Soup 🍺🧀 -Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad topped with basil pesto. Served with hand cut French fries 🥗 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, February 20th @ 3:30 PMSunday, February 20th @ 3:30 PM
Sunday, February 13th @ 7:55 PM
🔹Paul Super Bowl Sunday Special🔹 -Rams Roll: avocado, cabbage, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, chives & feta topped with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. 3 for $7 -Bengals Burger: blackened burger with bacon, Gorgonzola cheese, Gouda, onion strings topped with olive oil & balsamic vinegar served with hand cut French fries. $10 -Chopped Ham Hoagie: garlic pepper ham, roasted red pepper, bacon, American cheese & tiger sauce served with hand cut French fries. $10 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, February 13th @ 7:55 PMSunday, February 13th @ 7:55 PM
Sunday, February 6th @ 5:30 PM
🔹Paul Sunday Special🔹 Teriyaki Pork Shanks served with garlic parm potato chips Chicken tortilla soup 🍜 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, February 6th @ 5:30 PMSunday, February 6th @ 5:30 PM
Friday, February 4th @ 8:24 PM
We are OPEN!! Kitchen & Bar Wes Ball will start at 6:30! #GreaseMonkey #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Friday, February 4th @ 8:24 PMFriday, February 4th @ 8:24 PM
Thursday, February 3rd @ 3:21 PM
☃️CLOSED TODAY☃️ We’ve made the decision to close today for everyone’s safety! We will keep you guys updated for tomorrow! Stay safe & warm. Get Greasy at home! #GreaseMonkey #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Thursday, February 3rd @ 3:21 PMThursday, February 3rd @ 3:21 PM
Sunday, January 30th @ 5:18 PM
🔹Paul Sunday Special🔹 Pulled pork on a bun with sweet & hot bbq, bacon, cheddar, black bean pineapple pico and onion straws! Served with our hand cut French fries $10 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, January 30th @ 5:18 PMSunday, January 30th @ 5:18 PM
Friday, January 28th @ 6:06 PM
🔹Paul Special🔹 TODAYS LUNCH SPECIAL Double 1/3lb bacon cheeseburger with hand cut French fries $10 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Friday, January 28th @ 6:06 PMFriday, January 28th @ 6:06 PM
Sunday, January 23rd @ 4:47 PM
🔹Paul Special🔹 Blackened chicken Caesar salad sandwich With basil pesto. Served with French fries #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, January 23rd @ 4:47 PMSunday, January 23rd @ 4:47 PM
Thursday, January 20th @ 5:38 PM
🔹Paul Special🔹 It’s freezing! 🥶 Come get some soup 🥣 Baked Potato Soup with jalapeños & red pepper! Pair with a grilled cheese or side salad #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Thursday, January 20th @ 5:38 PMThursday, January 20th @ 5:38 PM
Sunday, January 16th @ 4:39 PM
🔹Paul Sunday Special🔹 -Chicken fried steak sandwich with roasted poblano and jalapeño brown gravy served with hand cut French fries -Jerry Rice-A-Roni sweet & sour tacos 2 tacos filled with rice a roni, sweet & sour fried chicken, wonton strips & chives #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #WhileTheyLast #SupportLocal #DowntownArlington
Sunday, January 16th @ 4:39 PMSunday, January 16th @ 4:39 PM