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Sunday, February 5th @ 5:39 PM
Paul Sunday Special -Meatloaf Burger & Smashed Potatoes Paul’s famous meatloaf burger that’s topped with red pepper, bacon, steak sauté, Swiss & onion strings. Served with a side of homemade smashed potatoes which are topped with cheese, bacon, chives & brown gravy #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Sunday, February 5th @ 5:39 PMSunday, February 5th @ 5:39 PM
Thursday, February 2nd @ 4:55 PM
Paul Wintery Special -Smoked bologna sandwich grilled cheese 🥪 -Chili! By itself or with a grill cheese 🌶️ -Garlic Herb Mac n Cheese 🧀 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Thursday, February 2nd @ 4:55 PMThursday, February 2nd @ 4:55 PM
Tuesday, January 31st @ 3:18 PM
We will be closed today due to the weather conditions! We will keep y’all updated for tomorrow. Stay safe and warm. Cheers! #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Tuesday, January 31st @ 3:18 PMTuesday, January 31st @ 3:18 PM
Sunday, January 29th @ 5:41 PM
Paul Sunday Special -Smoked bologna sandwich with American cheese and Paul’s special sauce served with hand cut French fries -Smoked bacon wrapped chicken sandwich with jalapeño, bbq sauce, cheddar cheese topped with onion strings served with hand cut French fries #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Sunday, January 29th @ 5:41 PMSunday, January 29th @ 5:41 PM
Friday, January 27th @ 3:18 AM
Come party with us 🎉🎉 Friday: Tamara King 9-12 Saturday: Bit o box 9-12 Sunday: NFL playoffs watch party 2 & 5:30 Come spend the weekend with us! Food specials to be announced #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington #MusicAtTheMonkey
Friday, January 27th @ 3:18 AMFriday, January 27th @ 3:18 AM
Wednesday, January 25th @ 5:36 PM
Paul’s Potato Soup today until sold out! 😋
Wednesday, January 25th @ 5:36 PMWednesday, January 25th @ 5:36 PM
Sunday, January 22nd @ 5:29 PM
Paul Sunday Special -Monk Fil A Special Style Our monk fil a with an orange cider cabbage slaw, Paul’s creole Mac and cheese, & bacon served with hand cut French fries -Fried Filet o’ Fish Sandwich Fried white fish with an orange cider cabbage slaw, pickles & cocktail sauce served with hand cut French fries -Smoked Wings #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Sunday, January 22nd @ 5:29 PMSunday, January 22nd @ 5:29 PM
Saturday, January 14th @ 11:29 PM
⭐️Wild Card Round⭐️ The Boys need all of us cheering them on to get to the next round! Come watch the game this Monday at the monkey! 7:15 start time! $2.25 PBR & Ziegenbock Drafts $3 Cowboys Shots #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Saturday, January 14th @ 11:29 PMSaturday, January 14th @ 11:29 PM
Sunday, January 8th @ 5:27 PM
Paul Sunday Special -Smoked Chicken BBQ Sandwich Smoked chicken wrapped in bacon, stuffed with bbq sauce & roasted jalapeños, topped with cheddar cheese & onion strings. Served with our hand cut French fries #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Sunday, January 8th @ 5:27 PMSunday, January 8th @ 5:27 PM
Thursday, January 5th @ 4:36 PM
Watch Party! Monday Jan 9th come cheer on our local team TCU beat Georgia in the National Championship! $2.25 PBR & Ziegenbock Drafts $3 Grape Soda Shots #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Thursday, January 5th @ 4:36 PMThursday, January 5th @ 4:36 PM
Sunday, January 1st @ 5:47 PM
Paul Sunday Special -Black Eyed Pea Soup with your choice of herb crusted mozzarella grilled cheese or corn bread #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Sunday, January 1st @ 5:47 PMSunday, January 1st @ 5:47 PM
Saturday, December 31st @ 8:38 PM
Cotton Bowl 🏈 The bar & shuttles will be open at 9:30am on Monday! USC vs Tulane at 12pm $8 Adults $5 kids 12 & under #GetGreasy #GreaseMonkeyArlington #DowntownArlington
Saturday, December 31st @ 8:38 PMSaturday, December 31st @ 8:38 PM
Thursday, December 29th @ 9:03 PM
Come watch The Cowboys play at 7:15 & The Longhorns play at 8! Happy Hour from 3-7 $4.50 Jack & Back starting at 7 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #DowntownArlington #GetGreasy
Thursday, December 29th @ 9:03 PMThursday, December 29th @ 9:03 PM
Sunday, December 25th @ 5:15 PM
We will be closed today so our employees can spend time with their families. We love & appreciate all of our grease customers!! Merry Christmas 🎄
Sunday, December 25th @ 5:15 PMSunday, December 25th @ 5:15 PM
Saturday, December 24th @ 5:13 PM
Paul Saturday Special -Texadelphia! Shaved marinated ribeye with sautéed onions and mushrooms, steak sauce and Swiss! With fries $11.99 -Hot Chocolate $3 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Saturday, December 24th @ 5:13 PMSaturday, December 24th @ 5:13 PM
Wednesday, December 21st @ 8:58 PM
Happy Christmas Eve! We WILL be open at normal time on Saturday 12/24 at 11am. The kitchen will be on a limited menu & will close at 5pm Cowboys vs Eagles at 3:25pm Shuttles starting at 12pm! $8 Adults $5 kids 12 & under #GetGreasy #GreaseMonkeyArlington #DowntownArlington
Wednesday, December 21st @ 8:58 PMWednesday, December 21st @ 8:58 PM
Tuesday, December 20th @ 7:56 PM
Last minute Christmas shopping? Stop by and get a gift card! You can purchase them in the kitchen or at the bar Support your local restaurants! #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington #Christmas
Tuesday, December 20th @ 7:56 PMTuesday, December 20th @ 7:56 PM
Sunday, December 18th @ 5:00 PM
Paul Sunday Special -Grilled Pimento Chili Cheese Burger Pimento grilled cheese with a 1/3lb patty, Paul’s homemade chili & cheddar cheese served with hand cut French fries #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Sunday, December 18th @ 5:00 PMSunday, December 18th @ 5:00 PM
Saturday, December 10th @ 11:25 PM
🏈Sunday🏈 Cowboys vs Texans at 12pm Shuttles starting at 9:30am! Bar & outside food truck will be open at 9:30am! $8 Adults $5 kids 12 & under Jon will be outside selling beer & shuttle tickets! #GetGreasy #GreaseMonkeyArlington #DowntownArlington
Saturday, December 10th @ 11:25 PMSaturday, December 10th @ 11:25 PM
Sunday, December 4th @ 5:43 PM
Paul Sunday Special -Janet’s Mac n Cheese & Hot dogs -Sliders Beef, cheddar, poblano & bacon served with hand cut French fries #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Sunday, December 4th @ 5:43 PMSunday, December 4th @ 5:43 PM
Saturday, December 3rd @ 5:54 PM
🏈Sunday🏈 Cowboys vs Colts at 7:20pm Shuttles starting at 4. $8 Adults $5 kids 12 & under Jon will be outside selling beer & shuttle tickets! #GetGreasy #GreaseMonkeyArlington #DowntownArlington
Saturday, December 3rd @ 5:54 PMSaturday, December 3rd @ 5:54 PM
Thursday, December 1st @ 7:36 PM
SATURDAY! We have a big day! We will be opening at 9 am & starting shuttles to AT&T Stadium for the Big 12 Championship game! Shuttles $8 adults $5 kids 12 & under ⚽️9 am USA vs Netherlands⚽️ 🏈11 am kick off Kansas St vs TCU 🏈 #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington #WorldCup #Big12Championship
Thursday, December 1st @ 7:36 PMThursday, December 1st @ 7:36 PM
Monday, November 28th @ 6:19 PM
USA Watch Party Come cheer on USA while they face Iran tomorrow at 1 pm! Sound will be on! $1.50 Ziegenbock & PBR drafts $2.75 Wells #GreaseMonkeyArlington #DowntownArlington #GetGreasy
Monday, November 28th @ 6:19 PMMonday, November 28th @ 6:19 PM
Sunday, November 27th @ 5:33 PM
Paul Sunday Special -Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup By itself or with a grilled cheese! -Wagyu burger with grilled mushrooms, roasted poblano, Swiss cheese & tomato aioli served with hand cut French fries #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington
Sunday, November 27th @ 5:33 PMSunday, November 27th @ 5:33 PM
Friday, November 25th @ 3:55 PM
UPDATE: Unfortunately the main singer of The Texas Cartel is very sick and cannot perform tonight. Best wishes that he gets better fast! So for tonight— we will have Clayton Gardner doing his normal set starting at 8 pm! #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington #Thanksgiving
Friday, November 25th @ 3:55 PMFriday, November 25th @ 3:55 PM