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Sunday Oct. 1st 1:00 am

FiftySeven Sauce

57 Sauce is Jerome 57, and Troy Williams, from Spoonfed Tribe - We started this band for a side gig while the Tribe was not touring - It became it's own animal in about 2010 and we have been playing regular ever since - We have spedial guest musicians with us all the time - Chad Cocuzza and Matt Cocuzza, also from Spoonfed Tribe, play Drums and Percussion with us - Quatro, Denver Green, Matt Skates, Jeremy Norvelle and Andy Weaver have all been known to sit in as well - This is not a band to be taken seriously, we Fight Onstage, and we Completely Destroy every song we decide to cover - We have just a few Originals that are recorded, as well as our best Covers and Mash-Ups - The CD is called "All Over Everything" and was just released in Dec 2016, recorded by Phil France in Dallas TX on a slow Saturday Morning - We were in horrible shape and decided to do our Live Stage Set realtime and press record - It came out as it should ... Rough and Rock n Roll
FiftySeven Sauce imageFiftySeven Sauce image
Tuesday, September 26th @ 4:46 PM
Friday starting at 3:30pm for PINK! Saturday starting at 8am for A&M & Arkansas (bar open at 9am) Sunday starting at 12:30pm for Cowboys vs Patriots (bar open at 10am) $10 adults $7 kids 12 & under #GreaseMonkeyArlington #DowntownArlington #GetGreasy
Tuesday, September 26th @ 4:46 PMTuesday, September 26th @ 4:46 PM
We are open for Dine-in, Curb-side, and Delivery options!

Location, Location… You Know The location of The Grease Monkey Burger Shop and Social Club holds a great deal of history in the birth and growth of Arlington Texas. We are excited to be a part of the REVIVAL of this historic area. Many of the first businesses that built the foundation of Arlington were started within blocks of the property in which we will construct our restaurant. This area was once the literal CENTER of the city. The building we are in is called The Vandergriff Town Center and is located next to the historical Vandergriff Chevrolet building established in 1937. This property and business, as well as the other automotive industry companies that help the city explode in the post war 50’s, was the inspiration for the automotive/car/garage theme of our restaurant.

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What are people saying...?

Ashley - The atmosphere and beer specials are great here. They have awesome prices for beer normally and it also puts you close to both stadiums. The patio is great when the weather is great and the bar opens up to the outside as well. It is a bit dark in the interior but that seems to go with the grungy burger bar vibe...
Chelsea - Such a great bar for a pre-Rangers or Cowboys game meal/drink. I am a HUGE wing person, and had some of the best BBQ wings here. I would highly suggest ordering the lemon-pepper wings, great for summer time and full of flavor.
Callie - Food is awesome the atmosphere is great a good place to hang out with your friends or family to listen to some music or watch some sports on the big screen