I like tricycles!!!
babe and baconhead
The Three T's!
The Grease Monkey Gang at the Martin's wedding!!
The Katies are in PCB! Miss our monkey Fam. πŸΊπŸ’
We are spanking the monkey in Florida!
Tuesday night celebrations!
Bbq Pulled Chicken, garnished with cilantro, feta and lime served with chips and salsa $6.99
Having fun
A GM Favorites BDay Fun!πŸŽ‚
Foods again!
I really didn't plan on staying all day...
Try the Purple Rain at GM
Lunch at the Monkey!! Beautiful day, Delicious food.
Fun night with great friends
Are you ready to rock?! #greasemonkey
Enjoying this fine Saturday at The Grease Monkey
Opening Day!
GM fun!!
I also play bass in a Rock band
Late night pizza! Order at bar.
Now serving Fried Zucchini!
Vegy burger fix! Don't hateβ™‘
Beer and Texas Tech bball ! Wreck'em Tech!!!!
Eating foods! Don't get in our way!
My man cave
Hongrry! Umm foods!
date night
We love you Katie!
Grease Monkey FOOOOOOODS
Beer thirty
Enjyoung early lunch at the Monkey
Happy New Yesr!
Chili Day at Grease Monkey!
Customer Appreciation Christmas party!!
Monkey fun! MUAH 😘
Picture perfect
Halloween fun with the Katie cats
Our lovely and wicked Rachel
Our other Boston
Here at the Grease Monkey
So much food I have to take some home with me!
Half pound!
Thanks to everyone who came out to the breast cancer event! Shirts still available
Greasemonkey breast cancer benefit!
Lisa, Patti, Michelle & Kellie supportin the Ta-Tas! #breastcancerawareness
Fun with friends & supporting breast cancer awareness!
Rainy day at the monkey
Sunday Funday @ the GMonkey!
Were back!
All dressed up and at The Grease Monkey......
Love me some Grease Monkey!!
THE RED TRUCK is out spreading the news all over the streets of The Metroplex......HONK and WAVE.....
Happy Anniversary at The Grease Monkey.
Pulled pork Jackpot Slider with Pasta Salad!
Third day in a row enjoying Grease Monkey.
Grease Monkey before and after Ranger game. Even rode the shuttle.
Food and fun!!!
Scorpion pepper pork tacos made by yours truly
Tuesday's Monkey SHENANIGANS...... AWESOME LADIES β€πŸ’‹
And Another One! #wedemboyz
The best place to go before a Rangers game
Labor Day fun!
Huge burger!!
Celebrating our 31st anniversary at GM's 4th! ;)))))
Hard working
How can you beat 1.50 wells?
Monkey fun with sweet friends!😊
(L to R)...Dave Perez, LJT, Eric Middleton and Kaitlyn Butts
Cody Jinks on TXRDR at the Grease Monkey
His favorite weekend hangout!
Out after the Rangers game! Love the Grease Monkey!
Ray Johnston, Cody Jinks, Justin Frazell and Cody Bryan for TXRDR!
Having fun for Texas Red Dirt Roads!
Texas Red Dirt Roads Radio Show..
Monkey Business!
Chk fried bacon,angry and portabella mushroom !
Larry Hooper!!!!
Enjoying a refreshing drink at our favorite spot Grease Monkey on a hot summer day.
Come on by today
Friday night unwind.
Come rock out to some 80's classic rock with Jessie & the poor dogs! $5 sliders on special and $2 Ziegenbock all night!!!
Sliders yum
It's a remarkable day at The Monkey.
Enjoying a GM burger and the sounds of Jim Bowies!
This burger is HEAVEN for my pregnancy cravings 😁😍
Good night at the Monkey
My beauty of a daughter and my signature brow raise! LOL!
Grease Monkey regulars!
Grease Monkey Tuesday night fun!
Fun times! XOXO
Come on up today
We keep the lights on! Greasy monkeys!!