Reid Farris

Thursday, Sep 19th @ 7:00 PM

Elaina Kay

Thursday, Sep 26th @ 7:00 PM

Bar Stool Brothers

Friday, Sep 27th @ 9:00 PM

The Bar Stool Brothers started out as a two-piece, started by Dylan Bartlett and Michael Kreider without a name at the time. The two would spend hours jamming old blues hits by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jack White, to name a few. As time went on, their bond grew as brothers and fellow musicians including countless laughable memories, broken beer bottles, and trips to Austin, TX. They continued to get better, and realized neither wanted to sing as the front-man. So the search was on to find a vocalist and this when their new coworker, Patrick Pombuena fell into the picture. Patrick had much experience playing different instruments and genres on top of having a good singing voice, which intrigued the guys. There was one problem however; they wanted to add a bassist who would sing and Pat had never played bass. With time, all three practiced together and became more experienced at their individual instruments and began really hone their craft. Now comes the time for them to have their first show. It was on the patio of an old place of work. The audience loved their sets as they performed songs that inspire them to create the heavy blues sound they've come to love. Since then, the guys have played shows all over Arlington, and even branched out to Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Austin, TX. Spending as much of their free time as possible practicing, writing, and recording their original music, they still find time to entertain bars for hours at a time. [More Info]

Don Pendley

Saturday, Sep 28th @ 9:00 PM

Don Pendley is a Singer/Songwriter from Arlington TX. Recently, he has returned to his native roots after 14 years living and performing in Nashville, TN where he learned the art of song crafting. His lyrics are brilliant, his music is country rock driven, and he has a one of a kind guitar style like no other musician. His sense of humor is always present. Don keeps it light and fun. [More Info]