Brandon Kent

Friday, Jan. 29th @ 9:00 PM

"I dont know, I guess you could say I just got tired of hearing this crap on the radio that is passing for country these days." said Brandon in a recent interview with Brandon. "Theres no stories, no passion, no soul, its all 'girly girl girl, speakers, girl, girl, bonfires, girly girl, 32 inch rims on my truck, girly girl sippin on a solo cup". This was the setting it took for Brandon to get together with a group of other Brandons and start writing music the way he remembered it growing up. "I'm never gonna get famous, but I can write and record music as my small protest to the horseshit put out by Florida/Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and all the rest of the bro country/wine cooler country that is eroding the airwaves." Stay tuned for what this artist has in store, its sure to reach the masses!!!....as soon as he adds a hip hop beat and a super sick rap game.