• Hanni

    Originally from right here in Arlington, TX
    I'm going to be a cop
    Been here at the Monkey since day 1

  • Katie

    My favorite football team is the New England Patriots
    My favorite color is yellow
    I've been at the Grease Monkey since we opened.

  • Katie

    I'm a huge buckeye fan!!!
    The other Katie that's a bartender is my best friend / god mother to my son / roommate over 6 years and YES WE HAVE THE SAME NAME
    I'm a newlywed.
    My son hits the baseball further than Jose Bautista.

  • Paul

    Biggest Prankster up here!
    Loves to cook
    I grew up in Colorado and Pennsylvania

  • James C

    I am from right here in Arlington!
    I love the Texas Rangers!
    I would let Rougned Odor punch me in the jaw!

  • Eric

    I love baseball.
    I am originally from Colorado
    I hate ranch dressing

  • Brantz

    Free hugs, just ask
    I'm just afraid of you as you are of me.

  • Rachel B

    I love the Dallas Mavericks!
    Bartender here since day one!!!

  • Kyle

    I love the Carolina Panthers

  • Jack

    I also play in a rock band!